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Send Us Your Plans and We Will Price Them

Below are some examples of past projects.
We didn't design any of these as they were built according to the clients plans.
Different styles, finishes and number of units, it is all flexible with us.
We are just good at getting it built for you at competitive pricing and great quality construction.

modern townhouse builders

We Build To Your Plans

townhouse builders and duplex builders

Different Styles Are No Problem

townhouse builders and apartment builders

Very Competitive Pricing

Villa home builders

We Do the Job Right

unit builders and townhouse builders

Email Us Your Plans

townhouse builders and duplex building

Our Pricing Will Be Accurate

  • Any style, multi townhouses, multi units, duplex building
  • Your development will be constructed properly without taking short-cuts
  • Everything included in our quote, we won't come back and ask for more money
  • Timely construction times
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Example Interiors

cottage style homes

High End or Modest Finishes

cottage style homes

Whatever You Want

gable roof home on sloping block

We Can Tailor the Finish for You

gable roof homes

Tell Us What You Want

gable roof design

Or We Can Advise You

What Is Next

1.  Once you have a planning permit, send us your plans and all associated documents and we will get them priced.

2.  We will then arrange a meeting to discuss your project and the quotation.

3.  Together, the way forward will be mapped out so construction can commence in a timely manner

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You will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you. From our team of builders, we can build any style and size, any budget, in the North and West of Melbourne and outer regions.

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Note: All pictures are for illustration purposes only and some pictures may have modified landscaping for illustration purposes.
References to inclusions, building and design costs, are subject to assessment, change and confirmation for each project before building contracts are entered into.