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dobri series home designs

How was the Dobri house plan series created?

A new home buyer came to us looking for a unique design to suit their 12.5m wide block. However, it was not a simple site.
The land site had a restrictive building envelope, plus slope/fall, that required retaining walls.
Hence, the home designs are narrower than would be necessary for a flat block of land.
The owner also wanted to maximise the Passive Solar Design elements as much as possible.
This meant that it was important to have the kitchen, meals and family room at the rear of the home or at least to the North East corner.
The larger size of the Dobri 23 was possible as a split level, which avoided the retaining wall requirements and allowed the home to be slightly wider. When working with a tight building envelope, every bit of extra space that can be gained helps.
Dobri 23 became the owner's preferred house plan.
Note that the splits are not shown here, as the Dobri 23 also works as a plan without splits.

Dobri Series

dobri series home design and house plans
dobri series house plans
dobri house plan series
dobri series floor plans

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