6 Star Energy Rating Warning

Most builders fail the 6 Star Rating objectives and make your home a 6 Star FARCE!
Read below to find out why.

6 star energy rating warning

The 6 Star Energy Rating Farce

Objectives Do Not Match Outcomes

The picture above, or similar, is often used as an objective in design guidelines of most land estates. It may be expressed in different ways, not always a picture but it is the one strategy that works, in a natural way, for energy efficiency. It should be the starting point as it captures the essence of energy efficiency.

The concept of 'Energy Efficiency', is the whole point of the 6 Star Energy Rating.  This fundamental, is described in the Victorian Government website information, at the 'Six-Star-Standard' page by Vic. Gov. and states the following:-

"Meeting 6 Star compliance is not difficult: it's about good design, particularly at the planning stages. So talk to your building practitioner early to take advantage of the benefits, such as increased comfort, saving money on energy bills and making your home more resilient to climate change. Carefully selecting your site so your home's orientation takes advantage of solar energy can add up to 1 Star to the rating."

The First Principle is 'Good Design'. As it relates to energy efficiency, that means having the windows to living areas shaded from the summer sun and allowing winter sun into your home. Yet, this aspect is rarely considered.

Standard Eaves to a home are 450mm deep plus spouting/guttering of 150mm, a total of 600mm. That is not enough to provide summer shading, unless your windows are a maximum of 1200mm high. In most kitchen, meals, family rooms, windows are usually at least 1800mm high. In order for 1800mm windows to have proper summer shading, you need at least 830mm shading cover. However, this only works on the North side of the house. It also presumes the the windows are set up to the underside of the eaves. Then, special treatment is required to the East, West and South side of your home.

 The Second Principle is 'Solar Energy'. In the context of 6 Star Energy Rating, solar energy is NOT and should not be confused with SOLAR PANELS!
Solar energy relates to utilising the sun in the manner discussed and further shown below. 

Picture 2: -

6 star energy - solar energy

Just on the 2 Aspects Discussed Above - Most Builders Fail!

The Vic. Government states that "Meeting 6 Star compliance is not difficult".

Well no, it is not difficult, if you take: -

The 6 Star Energy Rating SHORT-CUT

When the 'Short-Cut' is taken, which is probably 90% of new homes out there, builders simply CHEAT THE INTENTION of 6 Star Energy Design as detailed in the VicGov web site. 

The intention specified in the VicGov website is clear: - The 6 Star Standard applies to the thermal performance of a home.

Builders get away with cheating the essence of thermal efficiency because the Government Allows Them to Do So.

All a builder has to do, is add a solar boosted hot-water system, a rainwater tank, heavily insulate your home and double glazing. Hence, we call that approach THE 6 STAR SHORT-CUT !   Ok, the short-cut does get you to passing a 6 Star assessment. And it does have thermal benefits but it is ARTIFICIAL, it COSTS YOU MONEY and the big kicker is: -

You Do Not Get The Best Home Possible!

To the contrary, when the principles are actually followed and utilised, as shown Picture 2 above, your home will be far superior to a 'short-cut' 6 Star Energy rated home.

The living enjoyment will be greatly enhanced. There is such a BIG DIFFERENCE with a home that has been properly designed, for TRUE energy efficiency, compared to the short-cut version.

TRUE energy efficiency means, you could have: -

  • Natural thermal efficiency
  • Correct utilisation of the sun
  • Correct orientation of rooms within the floor plan
  • IS NOT about solar panels but you may still use solar panels
  • A brilliant feel and ambience to your home.

Prime-Metro are specialists in TRUE energy efficiency

Since 1983, Prime-Metro have been designing homes with this TRUE Energy Efficiency.

This is not a new concept. Way before the introduction of 6 Star Energy Rating system, our homes have been 6 Star performers.

What this really means, is having a level of Passive Solar Design

You can read more on our Passive Solar Design into page

No matter what land orientation, we can design a passive solar home for you!

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